Internet Safety @ Swimbridge

E-Safety is taught across the school to all pupils at an age appropriate level. As they develop their knowledge of the exciting online world they look at potential risks and learn strategies to keep themselves safe.

Topics covered include:

  • keeping personal information private

  • how to get help and support

  • using technology safely

  • being respectful online (cyber bullying)

  • being responsible online (digital footprint)

  • how to recognise acceptable and unacceptable online behaviour

  • how to report incidents

Our Internet Safety Code was developed from pupil's ideas and agreed by the school council to give children ownership. All children learn about the code and sign a copy which is displayed in their classrooms and referred to regularly. 

Throughout the year we also work with parents to empower them with the knowledge to support their children at home. We achieve this through workshops, questionnaires and information leaflets.

Social Media and Networking


If you or your child have any questions or concerns about any aspects of social media or social networking, then you may be interested to look at the information that The Park Community School has published on their website (please note that some of this content is aimed at older children).

Websites with information, advice and support for parents: - Sexting – Information on popular online content – Game and website lists, advice and information – Search for information on sites, games and apps

NSPCC and O2: 0808 800 5002 – free advice on setting up parental controls, privacy settings, apps etc.

Safe gaming sites for pupils: - Educational games - Educational games - Lots of activities to explore with your child based on programming skills