Some key points from of our most recent Ofsted Report

(Outstanding, July 2013)

“Swimbridge is an exceptional school.”

  • The school has continued a strong commitment to improvement since the previous inspection that has enabled it to extend the breadth of pupils’ outstanding achievements. 

  • Teaching is outstanding and is typified throughout the school by the diligence and great skill of staff in questioning pupils to draw out and develop their ideas. 

  • Staff excel in promoting the pupils’ wholehearted and earnest commitment to learning that underpins their excellent progress and great enjoyment of school. 

  • The school’s continuing success stems from the inspirational and high quality leadership

  • Excellent support from all staff and members of the governing body (has) successfully established a community of learning in which all those associated with the school, especially the pupils themselves, are proud to be fully involved. 

  • Parents are particularly appreciative; one typical comment being: ‘The staff are doing remarkably well to meet each child’s uniquely different and particular needs with equal success. I couldn’t be happier with the school.’ 

  • In response to the staff’s excellent care and safeguarding of pupils’ welfare, pupils show genuine kindness and consideration towards each other, and their behaviour is exemplary.

Some key points from of our most recent SIAMS Report

(Outstanding, March 2018)

  • Leadership and management are outstanding because at the centre of school life is a distinctive Christian vision which inspires all they do. This has been established by an ambitious leadership team who are committed to the continual improvement as a church school. They give clear direction and focus, building upon existing good practice taking the school forward.'

  • The school's Christian distinctiveness is seen in the care for vulnerable children in the diverse range of support and interventions, so all can have 'life in all its fullness'.

  • Insightful evaluations by the leadership have identified the steps for development (and) a cohesive staff team have been formed.

  • Children's behaviour is exemplary, they show care and concern for one another attributing this to the school's Christian character.

  • Children show a high degree of tolerance and respect for those who hold a different view to their own.

  • The school plays a prominent role in the life of the community and beyond.