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Skern 2017 take 2 331
Skern 2017 take 2 331

Skern 2017 take 2 081
Skern 2017 take 2 081



Inventors News

Click the link to take a look.

Click the link to take a look.

Our Skern Residential was a great success once again.

I had lots of fun and would recommend it to anyone.

The instructors were really encouraging - they would help you if you were finding things challenging.

I never thought I'd be able to do the leap of faith but I did it!

Skern Lodge was an amazing experience with heart-stopping activities.

We had lots of fun.

The best bit was when we got to turn the rafts over and slide off them into the River Torridge.

My time at Skern was an experience and a half! I loved the high ropes and I will always believe in myself now.

My favourite activity was the high ropes...which I danced on! 

We kicked off our Viking topic with a theme day.

We made weapons, craft, quizzes and games...

Fought an invasion battle...

Made and enjoyed traditional oat bread with fruit and honey...

and became Viking longboats!

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Links for Parents

SATs Revision

The following websites are very useful for revision, with SATs and end of year exams approaching;

There are many more if you search for the specific online game/ quiz you want.


There are also many fantastic things on Purple Mash or Abacus.


Please make sure you search carefully, and with an adult’s permission/ awareness.